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How to prevent re-downloading the installation files?

since CTP2

There is no way to keep the installation files, since this is not part of the use-case. But you can specify a local directory where to "download" the files from.

Please place the Umbrella.Whs.Properties.Settings.config file in the D:\folders\{f13fd7c7-cb8f-4959-aa4d-89204d65e3ae} folder. The Codename "Umbrella" SharePoint Installation Wizard will then look for the file in the \\server\Software directory.

To retrieve the files by downloading them manually and placing the into the \\server\Software directory:

Attention: The Windows Home Server console has to be restarted for this to work. The easiest way is to start and then close the console on the Home Server using Remote Desktop.

To "uninstall" this change, simply delete the Umbrella.Whs.Properties.Settings.config file.

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