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Reporting a Bug

Please keep in mind that the people working on this project cannot see what's happening on your WHS. So it is vital to provide the following information along with the ticket:

Please answer the following questions when filing a bug:
  • What is the behaviour (e.g. getting an error message)?
  • What would you expect to happen (if you know)?
  • What did you do to get/reproduce the error?
  • How reliably can you reproduce the error (e.g. every time)?

It is required to attach the following files to get the required information (some files might not be there):
  • D:\folders\{f13fd7c7-cb8f-4959-aa4d-89204d65e3ad}\Service.log
  • D:\folders\{f13fd7c7-cb8f-4959-aa4d-89204d65e3ad}\Service.log.1
  • D:\folders\{f13fd7c7-cb8f-4959-aa4d-89204d65e3ad}\Addin.log
  • D:\folders\{f13fd7c7-cb8f-4959-aa4d-89204d65e3ad}\Addin.log.1
  • Screenshot, if you have one (JPEG/PNG file)

Please use the following link to send in a bug:


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